Company Mission Statement

"Anytime Appliance Repair Service, LLC.” is not just another repair company. We are locally owned and family operated. Anytime is dedicated to customer service and prides ourselves on integrity and excellence. With 20 years of service and moderate pricing we know how important it is to get your household back in order, and here are some of the ways we accomplish that.

  1. All of our technicians are sent to training schools throughout the year to keep up with ever-changing technology.

  2. All of our technicians go through driving history, criminal and background checks, for our peace of mind and you and your family’s safety.

  3. All of our Technicians wear uniforms and our service vehicles are well marked. Again for your comfort and safety.

  4. Our pricing is unique to other service companies; we charge the same amount regardless of where you live! If you are in our service area it cost the same no matter what town you live in. We charge a service call fee (industry standard) and then we charge for every 15 minutes, this way we do not round to the next hour or half hour. It is that simple. No hidden cost.

  5. We operate by the biblical standard in Exod. 19:14–15: Deut. 27:18–19); that is, we owe justice to the widow, orphan, and those who may be disadvantaged around us, also being the owner and a Navy Veteran. We offer senior and Veterans discounts of 10%.

  6. We guarantee our service fee for 30 days, and our parts from 90 days to 1 year depending on the manufacturer.

We are not a perfect service company, but what we are is honest and strive for excellence. If you have an issue with Anytime Appliance we will do everything to resolve it in a fair upfront manner.

Chuck Goulart

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