3 November 2014

Let’s Show A Little Love to Your Appliances

It is important to make sure that they receive some periodic attention

Your appliances do a big job in your home and it is important to make sure that they receive some periodic attention from you so that they continue to work properly.  Here are some ways that you can show a little love to your appliances.

Read the manuals

Manufacturers don’t just put out manuals so you can toss them in a drawer and forget about them; they give you manuals so that you can understand the needs of your appliance.  By reading the manuals and becoming familiar with them, you will be able to keep your appliances running smoothly and avoid any unnecessary repairs.  You should be able to find the troubleshooting guide in your manuals and have the phone number to your manufacturer nearby if you need additional assistance.


You might be surprised how many problems with appliances stem from poor care but it’s true.  Simply cleaning your appliance properly will prevent issues from occurring and add life to your appliance.  For example, on refrigerators, you should be cleaning the condenser coils of dust and other debris every couple of months.  These are usually found on the back of the appliance, but you should refer to your manual for assistance if you can’t find them.  You should also be taking care of your refrigerator’s drip pan so that minerals and other food particles cannot accumulate in the drain, causing problems with your fridge’s ability to remove condensation.

Every time you use your range, oven, and even microwave, you should be wiping up any spills.  Grease is an enemy to your cooking appliances and can affect the cooking ability of the appliance itself.  For dryers, you should remove the lint from the vents after every use to prevent anything clogging up your appliance.  Even the dishwasher should get some attention from you with a proper cleaning.


Conducting a periodic inspection on your appliances will identify any small problems before they turn into large and expensive ones.  A good time to do this is when you are dusting those condenser coils on the fridge.  You want to check each of your appliances over and look for anything that seems out of the ordinary, such as signs of leaking, strange odors, or discolorations.

Address problems immediately

If you find a problem with one of your appliances, you should take care of it immediately so that it does not cause further issues.  Not only will this save you some time but it will also save you money since it will be less expensive to take care of a small problem than it will be to take care of a big problem.  If the issue is something that you cannot take care of on your own, then you should call a trained technician to come and take a look at it.


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